Why rent moving supplies even if you are not hiring movers

Moving Tips NYC - February 2, 2022

It’s exciting to move home on your own terms. Sometimes there’s no need to hire a moving company to handle the relocation if you can organize everything by yourself. Or at least, most of it. A good tip is to rent moving supplies even if you are not hiring movers. And you’ll go the extra mile with picking green moving boxes NYC, an eco-friendly packing solution! You won’t have to worry about the safety of the items during the transport and will have more time to handle other relocation activities.

Why rentable moving boxes are a good choice even without employing a moving agency

Moving doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune. There’s a lot of planning to do, whether you engage the agency or not, but there are a lot of tasks you can do on your own. Packing is one of the activities you don’t need movers’ assistance with.  However, adequate moving supplies come in handy even if you are not hiring movers.

 A man carrying moving boxes on the terace
Provide enough packing space for your household

Don’t buy supplies, but simply have the moving boxes delivered NYC to your home for this occasion. Once the relocation is completed, they won’t occupy space in your new home. There are good reasons to rent moving supplies:

  • It facilitates packing big household
  • Provides secure transfer of your items
  • You get rid of the boxes after the move
  • Renting moving boxes without hiring movers is cheaper than paying the whole moving deal


The more the items, the more packing material

If you own a big household, you’ll need extra moving supplies, so plan to rent moving supplies even if you are not hiring movers. Big home relocation is more difficult to handle without some professional assistance. Various storage bins you can have for this purpose can do wonders. Not only that they are super-durable, but will provide enough room for packing even the bulkiest items. There’s no fear of damaging your belongings if you go for this packing solution.

Apart from getting more packing space, renting durable packing supplies will assure your valuable items’  safe transfer. You might have some packing material at home already, but even if you prefer DIY style, professional supplies are much more reliable for fragile items transport. A wide range of cheap plastic bins for moving allows you to transfer your items safely, without hiring movers. This way, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your items during the transport, as you know they are best protected.

Multicolor packing boxes
Don’t let your items squeeze within tiny packing space!

Unpacking gets easier with rentable moving supplies

Another advantage of renting packing containers without movers’ service is that you don’t keep them. Even if you’re a DIY fan, you’re aware of the mess that’s left after unpacking. With leased boxes, you can either keep them or get them delivered back and freely settle in your new home. It’s more budget-friendly to rent the boxes only as you get to unpack at your own pace and enjoy the new home vibes.

Moving home by yourself or with friends’ helping hand is doable. Not all the moves must be planned and organized by the agencies. If you’re on a budget, DIY move with some extra tips can be a winning combination. That’s why you should rent moving supplies even if you are not hiring movers, to make your relocation less stressful. It’s an insignificant cost compared to the help you get, even if you’re an experienced mover. Now get the moving bins and scratch the packing material off your relocation list!

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