We guarantee a safe and eco-friendly packing process.

The quality and resilience of Capital City Bins is tested to offer maximum protection and comfort for your valuables.


*Please note that our delivery & pickup services are ONLY available in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, and Jersey City.

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By choosing Capital City Bins, you choose more than just packing supplies

How it Works

Step 1

We deliver the reusable moving bins

Step 2

You pack and relocate

Step 3

We pick up the moving & storage bins

About Us

Capital City Bins was founded with the idea to simplify the NYC moving and storage process as much as possible, whilst offering the eco-friendly means to do so. Our company gives you the chance to efficiently pack your entire home with maximum organization and minimal clutter. Our reusable moving bins are user-friendly, stackable and they come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs.

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Enjoy the comfort of consolidated packing with eco-friendly moving bin rental!

With the assistance of Capital City Bins

  • An endless supply of sturdy, durable, and stackable moving boxes for rent.
  • Affordable moving totes drop-off & pick up services in NYC + Jersey City.
  • Assurance of your belongings being safe in dependable & reusable moving bins.
  • Clutter-free and well-organized household or office space.

Without our plastic box rental service

  • Use of low-grade plastic boxes with limited size & shape options.
  • Unplanned expenses for non-solid green moving supplies.
  • Potential property damage due to inadequate moving/storage bins.
  • Clutter and lack of functional residential or commercial space.

Order Reusable Moving Bins In Nyc!

Rent plastic moving boxes from Capital City Bins and ensure the utmost safety of your belongings.

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