How to find cheap plastic bins for moving?

How To - May 6, 2019

How to find cheap plastic bins for moving? Well, this hasn’t exactly been a million-dollar question, right? Let’s face it – when in the middle of the relocation fuss, plastic bins are the least of your worries. Being focused on renting storage containers and negotiating terms with moving box rental companies such as Capital City Bins comes first. You do want to tighten the belt, don’t you? Then again, you typically become aware of how vital cheap plastic bins are once you start packing. It’s amazing how many items you’ve been collecting for years in spite of not using them due to being accustomed to the ones you do use every single day. Your favorite mug, for example. Can you imagine drinking morning coffee from a different one? You want to relocate your mug collection nonetheless. With this in mind, here are some tips on finding cheap plastic bins for moving.

Cheap plastic bins for moving are your best bet
Make use of cheap plastic bins for moving

Give moving equipment companies a buzz

If you need high-quality plastic bins, try to get them from various moving equipment companies. As professionals, the movers must have plastic bins of all sizes and different storage capacity. To pick the right ones, explain to the company employees what kinds of items you need bins for. They are experienced enough to give you a few pieces of advice on what plastic bins will meet your specific needs best.

Check the cheap plastic bins for moving specs

These portable plastic containers vary in their main features depending on the belongings you want to place in them. For that reason, you should check their characteristics first. To illustrate, ask the companies if the bins they offer have increased strength. Next, ask if they possess welded seams and a steel band top. Lastly, make sure to opt for bins with adequately placed hand holes which facilitates lifting when moving.

Make sure bins are safe

It’s the common sense you want your possessions to be safeguarded during relocation. So, what you need to put special emphasis on when choosing bins is how safe they are. Hence, choose to select the ones that are resistant to moisture in case you want to place liquids in them. To do more good than harm, ensure they are water-proof. Also, ensure they are also resistant to

  • grease
  • dirt
  • chemicals
  • mold

Is your move eco-friendly?

To carry out green moving, do your best to pick plastic bins that can be recyclable. Even if you’re not into ecology, it’s of paramount importance to take care of our planet’s future. Should we continue using non-recyclable materials, we will destroy it in a blink of the eye. To prevent this from happening, use eco-friendly bins.

To use cheap plastic bins for moving that are recyclable is the green move cornerstone
Use cheap plastic bins for moving that are eco-friendly

Pay attention to space-saving storage nests

More often than not you need ample plastic bins to store and transport all the household belongings. As a consequence, moving becomes a pricey endeavor thus making you barely keeping your head above the water when relocating. However, to save money while moving, insist on plastic bins that have space-saving storage nests.

Plastic bins are budget-friendly as you can take advantage of a significantly increased storage capacity to place items you would otherwise put in a different bin thus spending more money. Apart from this, you can neatly pack your items. Needless to say, they come in handy when decluttering.  Furthermore, you can keep them in a storage facility for as long as it takes you to relocate. In brief, you kill two birds with one stone.

Durability matters

It goes without saying plastic bins qualities should suit items you’re going to put in them. So, it’s a pretty good idea to sort your belongings prior to obtain bins in the first place. This way you’ll know what to look for when choosing suitable plastic bins depending on the features of your objects such as their dimensions, material they’re made of, how bulky they are if they require handling with the utmost care and how long they need to be transported. That is vital because of the durability of the plastic bins, as well as the level of protection they provide.

To put it differently, it’s not the same plastic bin you should use to relocate fragile items such as glassware and kitchen equipment and a book or two. When moving dishes, you need tougher plastic bins that can handle the larger weight. Not being wary of this is one of the 10 moving mistakes to avoid.

Obtain affordable ones

When buying bins that are most up to your preferences, make sure not to pay through the nose. It’s just not worth it. Correspondingly, try coming up with alternative ways of obtaining them such as making an online purchase, for instance. Every schoolgirl knows online shopping is more affordable than the real-life one. For this reason, you might order plastic bins instead of looking for them in regular stores. Don’t forget to use a calculator when making a purchase.

By and large, famous restaurant, fast food and other chains of goods and services should have a plethora of plastic bins at their disposal they no longer use. So, why don’t you ask them to lend a few to you? You might as well offer some money to get those, if necessary. Even if you do that, it will cost you less than actually buying them.

Do the math and choose cheap plastic bins for moving
Opt for cheap plastic bins for moving


All in all, plastic bins come in handy when moving. That’s why you should get as many of them as possible. Still, it doesn’t mean you should pay top dollar to obtain them. Ask around if it’s possible to borrow them or to buy them online. At the same time, ensure their qualities match the features of the items you will place in them. Also, ensure bins are clean and moisture-proof so as to keep your possessions intact. Consequently, you will be able to use them in your new home.

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