Packing hacks for big families

At-Home Packing Tips - May 19, 2021

Moving with a large family can easily get chaotic. There are so many things you need to take care of before the move that you can get overwhelmed if you don’t organize properly. And packing is one of the bigger chores you’ll have. However, if you organize properly and give yourself enough time to do it, it becomes more than manageable. You can even use your large family as an asset. Having each family member take care of a suitable number of moving storage bins can expedite the whole process. So, here are some packing hacks for big families that you can employ. 

Make a packing checklist for each family member

You won’t be able to pack effectively without a good plan in place. Everybody needs to know their roles and duties. And make sure you have it in writing so that nobody gets confused. All packing hacks for big families depend on each person chipping in. You know your family the best, so give them suitable packing checklists. You could be the one ordering eco friendly moving boxes and other moving supplies. Your spouse could be packing the fragile items. The kids can pack the smaller items from their own rooms. Delegate the responsibilities as you think is best, but make sure you do delegate.

An empty to do list.
One of the most important packing hacks for big families is to give each member a packing checklist.

What to do with your kids?

Here is one step a lot of people skip when packing. One of the simplest (and most important) packing tips for big families is to have everyone contribute. So, trust your older kids and get them to help. If they can pack their toys in green moving boxes, they can help. Of course, they shouldn’t have to do anything too important. Don’t ask them to pack fragile or heavy items. Or take care of any important documentation. However, they can pack the smaller items from their rooms. There are valid reasons to get your kids to help. 

First off, you’ll need to pack less personally. Second, they will be busy and you won’t have to take care of them while you are occupied with packing. When it comes to smaller kids, you should get some help. But this is where having a big family comes in handy. If you don’t want your older kids to help with packing, have them babysit. On the other hand, you can get your elder family members to take care of small kids. Or, you can ask them to take care of moving insurance. You can delegate the responsibilities however you like, but do have everyone pitch in.

Grandparents who know all the packing hacks for big families
Your elder family members can help by babysitting your kids.

Label the boxes is one of the best packing hacks for big families

Besides using quality green moving supplies, labeling the boxes as you pack is one of the best packing hacks for big families. It won’t help with the packing itself that much, but it will be enormously beneficial during unpacking. After all, everything that gets packed needs to be unpacked later. It will be much easier to unpack categorically if everything is labeled properly. At the very least, label the boxes containing fragile items. This way, you and your movers will know to take special care during loading and unloading, so that nothing gets damaged. And that’s all there is to it. Use your big family to your advantage and packing will be a breeze!

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