Storage ideas for small NJ apartments

Moving Tips NYC - November 12, 2020

Living in NJ usually means that you have to compromise on the apartment size. Most people live in small apartments and have trouble storing all of their items. Having your belongings in plastic bins can only do so much, you are going to need some creative ideas if you are to manage. That is why Capital City Bins have prepared this article for you. In it, we are going to be showing you several ideas for utilizing your apartment to its full potential. From organizing help, such as drawer dividers, through ottomans, to in-wall bookcases, we are going to provide you with the best storage ideas for small NJ apartments.

Clever storage ideas for small NJ apartments!

Here is the list of storage options for small apartments that we feel are the most influential:

  • Storage bed!
  • Drawer dividers
  • Over the windows shelves
  • Storage ottoman
  • Knee-wall dresser!
  • Wall coatrack
  • Adjustable wall-mounted shelves
  • Bookcase built in the wall

You can always add or take away something from this list because this is a universal one. What you will do depends on your preferences and what you need.

A woman using her laptop in bed.
Create some storage space beneath the bed.

Storage bed!

The first storage enhancer is quite an obvious but often overlooked one. You can use your bed as a storage space. You will do so by starting to utilize vertical space in your apartment more. Basically, building a storage bed involves creating an additional storage space beneath the bed itself. This will raise the level of the bed, which will end up being elevated. But that is a small price to pay for such convenience. You will be able to store all of your plastic packing boxes for moving in that space, and have plenty of it to spare! You can even have several levels of storage but then you might need a ladder just to get into your bed. But, the idea is there if you need it!

Drawer dividers

While not exactly creating more space, using drawer dividers is going to be a huge help in organizing your stuff. And if you organize properly, you are going to use up the space that you have more efficiently. So, in a way, it is creating more storage space for your apartment! You can have all of your green moving supplies separated by dividers from all the rest of the supplies, for example. Having these installed will make it easier for you to stay organized and will create less clutter down the line.

Over the windows shelves

Building some shelves over your windows is a great idea to really start creating more storage. There is a lot of space above the windows that you are not really using for anything else. Building even a small shelf will allow you to deposit a number of items there, which will free up your apartment. If you build a shelf over each window, your storage options are going to increase dramatically! You can even build a small storage unit all around your window if your apartment allows it. You can use simple kitchen cabinets for this purpose and it is something that is doable on your own.

One of the storage ideas for small NJ apartments – Storage ottoman

Purchasing an ottoman, or two, for your living room is a great way to add some inconspicuous storage to your apartment. Ottomans have plenty of storage space and are quite versatile. You can use them for seating, as a footrest, you can even place a tray onto them and they can serve as a small table! Almost every apartment can easily fit one or two ottomans in the living room, which will provide you with a great way to store your books, storage bins, blankets, or even some vacuumed clothing. And they are going to be easily retrievable, with almost no effort required!

An ottoman with a zebra print that can be hallow as one of the Storage ideas for small NJ apartments we have for you.
Your ottoman in the living room can also serve as a great storage space.

Knee-wall dresser!

This is an amazing way to utilize the space of the knee wall. Simply build a dresser inside of it and you have storage without sacrificing anything for it! It does involve drilling into the wall so you are going to need some specialized equipment for it. Just make sure that you notify your neighbors about the noise!

Wall coatrack

If you have a spot in your apartment that you are not really using that much, consider placing a coatrack there. You can decorate it to match the rest of your apartment and it will provide valuable storage for your clothing. It will provide you with a great alternative to tossing your clothes on the couch.

Another great storage idea for small NJ apartments – Adjustable wall-mounted shelves

Shelves are a staple when it comes to creating more storage space. But adjustable shelving takes that a notch further. If you use metal standards and adjustable brackets, your shelving is going to be easy to install and quite versatile. You can adjust it to your liking which makes it perfect for multiple situations. These shelves can go anywhere, from your kid’s room to the pantry and home office. You can even install them in every room if you so wish.

An apartment with a shelves and decorations.
Useful and easy to install. Wall-mounted shelves.

Bookcase built in the wall

Finally, you can use the empty wall space to add some bookcases. There will be no extensive drilling involved, all you will need is some plywood and perhaps a circular saw. The process involves laminating several support pieces to a larger wooden piece. This will create an appearance of thick boards that support the rest of the shelving. After that, you will need to trim the edges with a router, in order to hide what exactly you did. All in all, this is going to look like it was always intended to be there, once you’re done with it.  As far as storage ideas for small NJ apartments go, this is perhaps the most effective one. The amount of storage space you are going to get is quite significant! Of course, being called a bookshelf does not mean you cannot store other items there.

Those were our top ideas for creating more storage space in your small NJ apartment. You don’t need to utilize every one of them, choosing to go with just a few is going to make a considerable difference.

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