Packing for a zero waste move

Leaving a home that has seen so many memories is a hard thing to do. However, leaving an old neighborhood will give you a chance to have a fresh start in a new one. You will be starting a new chapter in your life after the relocation and you get the chance to embrace a lot of new opportunities. As you can see, moving to a new place will be an exciting adventure. If you look at things this way, you’ll soon realize that relocating is not hard. But do you know what can be a tricky part? Relocating while creating the smallest possible amount of waste! In case you want to have an eco-friendly move, we will gladly help you out. This is why we have created a guide on packing for a zero waste move. Keep reading it and you learn all the necessary steps for a waste-free relocation!

The benefits of a zero waste lifestyle

Zero waste is a philosophy that encourages people to redesign their lifestyle in order to reduce their carbon footprint. In the past few years, zero waste initiatives connected a lot of different people and inspired many to join this global project. By changing our lifestyle just a little bit, we can help our environment, our economy, and we can become healthier. For this kind of benefits, making small changes to our daily habits is a small sacrifice to take. This is why more and more people are choosing to embrace a greener way of living.

A hand holding a green leaf.
A lot of people are choosing to relocate in an eco-friendly manner.

There are a lot of different ways of relocating without needing to buy a ton of new boxes, rolls of packing tape, wrapping materials, and throwing away your unnecessary belongings. Green relocation can be the beginning of a new life that includes a new home and a little bit different lifestyle that can help us create an eco-friendly NYC. So, now that we have learned the benefits of a zero waste, let’s find out more about packing for a zero waste move. How to achieve this with ease?

Start decluttering ahead of time

Whether you’re moving or not, you should be aware of the importance of decluttering your home from time to time. However, when moving, you’ll want to do this in advance, at least a couple of weeks before your move. This will give you enough time to separate your unwanted items (or the items you don’t use anymore) and find to whom you’ll give them. One of the main ideas of packing for a zero waste move is to reuse or recycle items you don’t use anymore, as much as possible. We won’t lie to you, this will be a big job since you’ll have to go through every cupboard, wardrobe, and drawers. So, if you want to complete this task quickly, find help! Ask your friends, or family members to help you out. Even the youngest can help!

A living room in an apartment.
After decluttering, your home will both look and feel bigger.

Moving to a new home will give you a chance to do a good thing, and to donate your belongings to someone in need. It is important to make sure that all of the stuff you’ll be donating aren’t damaged or broken. While going through your home, you might stumble upon some forgotten valuables that you can try selling before the move. This is a great way of earning a couple of bucks to get moving supplies NYC. Selling items can be an easy thing to do – all you need is an internet connection and websites for selling (legal) items online. And, if you like face-to-face contact more, skip online sales and organize a yard sale in your backyard!

Cut down on the packing materials for a zero waste move

If you want to embrace the green way of living, think about cutting down on the packing materials for your relocation. You can get a lot of quality moving bins NYC, that will help you achieve this goal. They are made out of the good material so you’ll be able to reuse them after the big move. However, moving boxes aren’t the only thing you’ll need as a packing material. You’ll also have to find wrapping materials, moving blankets, different types of containers… The list just goes on and on. And gathering that many materials will leave you with a lot of leftover cardboard and plastic after you move to your new home. Luckily, there are alternatives.

Packing for a zero waste move is not possible with too much cardboard.
There are many different alternatives for cardboard boxes that are good for people who’re relocating

Gather alternatives for a zero waste move

One of the was to save money while moving is to use everything you have as a packing container. We’re not advising you to avoid using moving boxes. We’re just encouraging you to consider using other things you already have in your homes. Things such as:

  • Wooden Crates
  • Suitcases and backpacks
  • Garbage bags
  • Food containers
  • Bed linen

We’re sure you can come up with many other creative ways of transporting your precious belongings to your new home safely. Just think outside of the box!

Other useful zero waste moving tips

As you can see, packing for a zero waste move becomes achievable and simple with the help of good moving tips. Because of this, we want to give you more pieces of advice on packing for a zero waste move apart from offering you quality storage bins. By following all of them, your goal to move in a greener way will be achieved! So, what else can you do in order to make your relocation more eco-friendly?

  • Start gathering supplies well in advance. Save every box that’s not damaged and visit your local grocery store to ask them whether they can give you their boxes.
  • Try to green your transit as much as you can. If you’re moving just a few streets away, use a bicycle to finish your pre-move chores. And, if you’re moving across the town, try making the least amount of trips possible to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • After the move, reuse your packing supplies as much as you can before you think about recycling it. Find some DIY projects, or give it to someone who’s getting ready to relocate.


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