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By choosing Capital City Bins, you choose more than just packing supplies

Are you thinking about changing your place of residence and organizing the entire process? In this case, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting moving supplies. Capital City Bins is here to make this part much easier for you. You will not be in a situation to buy the supplies and think about what to do with them when the moving process is over. We give you the possibility to rent the supplies and we are going to deliver them to you and pick them up once you complete your relocation. Therefore, wait no longer and get in touch with us – the highest quality moving crates NYC are waiting for you.

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Get in touch with us and we are going to make sure you get the highest quality moving crates NYC offers

If you are wondering what a crate is, here is the answer

A plastic crate is a shipping container that keeps your belongings safe. There are several reasons why it is made of plastic. First of all, plastic is a tough material and it is not easily damaged. In addition to this, it is great to use it in a situation of this kind. The reason for this is that it is possible to reuse the crate a great number of times. Naturally, this is not something that will affect its quality. Your belongings are going to be safe and they will reach their destination without a single damage. Plastic crates are durable and you can be sure that your items are going to have great protection. If it happens that you are relocating locally, in the area of New York, you will make no mistake if you decide to rely on reusable moving crates.

The safest moving crates NYC offers are at your disposal

You probably have some valuables or oddly-shaped items that you do not know how to pack. In a situation like this, the best thing you can do is have them crated. The good thing is that this is also something we can help you with. We provide our clients with the service of custom crating. This means that we are going to adjust a crate especially for the item or items in question.

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One of the reasons why you should go for crating your belongings is that they are going to be properly protected

In this way, we will avoid the possibility of a crate being too big or too small. This is certainly the best way to relocate items that mean a lot to you. The highest quality reusable moving crates are just a phone call away. All you should do is contact us and we are going to do the rest- we got you covered.

Reusable moving crates are going to keep your belongings off of the floor

Another good thing about reusable moving crates is precisely this. Whether you are storing your belongings or not, it is important that they do not have contact with the floor. In this way, the risk of having your belongings damaged is quite low. Even if it happens that there is some water on the floor, it will not harm the content of the crate. In addition to this, you will protect your items from dirt, dust, and other debris. Plastic will make a great barrier and you will have nothing to worry about. Think about this option and you will realize that it is a much better solution than using cardboard boxes.

The supplies we can provide you with are reusable and eco-friendly

If it happens that you are aware of what influence humanity has on the ecosystem and you are bothered with it, the situation is not going to be the same when your moving supplies are in question. Namely, each and every item we can provide you with is reusable. Both the bins and the crates are made of plastic.

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You will have plastic bins of many different shapes and sizes at your disposal as well

After you rent the moving crates or bins made of plastic and unpack everything, we are going to pick them up, clean and disinfect them and give them to someone else. As you can see, the environment is not going to suffer at all. We are also deeply concerned about it and this is one of the main reasons why we have founded the company. Therefore, do not worry about this part- dedicate your time and energy to planning your relocation.

What kinds of bins can we provide you with?

What is also very important that you know is that you can count on us to provide you with plastic bins. The categories we have divided them are:

They are available in many different shapes and sizes. Basically, you are going to find the kinds of bins that suit your moving or storage needs. Whether they are large so that all of your linen can be packed or small, where some of your valuables can fit, it is yours to choose. If it happens that you are not sure about the quantity and the size of boxes, make sure you contact us. Since we have a lot of experience, we will be more than happy to help you choose the best containers for your needs.

NYC moving crates are going to be of great help during your relocation

Changing your place of residence is a highly demanding process the most important part of which is keeping your belongings safe. One of the best ways to reach your goal is to use plastic crates. Capital City Bins can provide you with premium custom crating services. We are going to make a plastic crate according to the dimensions and shapes of your specific items. Considering the fact that we have a lot of experience, you can expect nothing less but the highest quality moving crates NYC offers. Wait no longer and get in touch with us to learn everything you would like to know.

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