How do you pack liquids for moving?

How To - June 8, 2019

It has always been difficult to pack liquids for relocation! One wrong move and you can end up with quite a mess in your hands. Which is why it is important to know how to pack liquids for moving. In this step by step guide, you will learn how to do it properly and quickly. So when the moving day comes, you won’t have to worry about it during transportation!

Consider your options before you pack liquids for moving

What is essentially very important here is the first step. First things first, think about how much and what kind of liquids you are transporting. Is it food or chemicals? Based on the types of liquids you are transporting, you will have to rent specialized boxes and other cases. Furthermore, if there are hazardous liquids involved, you will have to get a specialized moving truck along with other moving cases. You can’t risk something bad happening during the relocation.

Cartoon man wondering about his packing choices before he wants to pack liquids for moving
Consider what are your best choices before you pack liquids for moving

Most of the times regular moving boxes would do the trick. Being that only type of liquids people tend to transport are washing detergents and shampoos. But, on the other hand, you should think about getting better cases for transport. Who knows what can happen during transportation! One wrong moment and something can fall over the box and spill those liquids all over. The certain way to prevent that from happening is to rent plastic bins. Use them to pack liquids for moving, and protect them while moving!

Prepare a space where you will pack liquids

As with everything you do before moving day, you need to have room to pack items for relocation. When it comes to packing liquids, you will have to clear some space so you can pack easily. Usually, you can use garage space for this. But, if you are not able to do it, then do it in the hallway or living room. Remember, you need to have enough space for both yourself and the bottles you are packing. If you end up having them lying all around the floor, you can easily trip over. And God forbid you to spill something like acid, glue etc. This can easily damage your floor making it much harder to clean, fix and sell your home if you want to do it.

Empty room
It is important to have enough packing room

Once you decide what is the designated place where you will pack liquids for moving, start gathering them there. Note that you need to separate and categorize the liquids before you pack them. Some of them might not go together. And never pack liquids like juices, milk etc with cleaning liquids. Always use separate moving bins when you pack liquids for moving!

What to do with hazardous liquids?

Most of the times you will get the same advice. Get rid of them. But, how exactly to do it? Well, when it comes to moving flammable liquids you either make sure there are no leaks in the bottles or fill them in undamaged containers. Furthermore, if you are transporting gas-powered gardening tools, you need to empty the reservoir before you load them into the moving truck. You can use a pump for this and fill metal gas containers. They are the safest way to transport petrol to another location. Before you even begin dealing with them, find out first hand how to manage hazardous liquids before you move! This will lower the risk of getting injured and/or any potential damage to your home!

Sign showing hazard
Be careful when handling hazardous materials

Where to find proper packing boxes?

If you opted for plastic bins, then you made the right choice! They are perfect for both long and short distance relocations. Furthermore, they provide additional protection to the bottles containing liquids you want to transport. These plastic cases are perfect for these types of packing. But, where to find them? They are not that easy to get like in the case of cardboard boxes. You can either buy them at the home depot or learn about the ways to get plastic bins for relocation! Remember, you can even stack them on each other without worrying if they will break during transportation or not! Use them for maximum safety!

plastic bin and a bottle with liquids
Plastic bins provide good protection for bottles with liquids

Use additional wrapping!

As we mentioned before, you need to always place them in an upright position when packing. This will prevent any possible tumbling and spillage during the relocation. When it comes to wrapping, use whatever you can in your household. Paper, old fabrics etc are great when packing drinks. But when it comes to others, you can wrap plastic or nylon around them. You can look at them as fragile items because they do contain liquids that can be potentially dangerous. So it is for the best to know how to properly pack breakable belongings before you move. This will greatly help you and give you an idea on how to pack liquids for moving!


Ask the movers to do it!

In the end, if you can’t pack liquids for moving on your own, you can always ask your movers to do it. Especially if they offer a special service for packing hazardous liquids. They are well trained and have the right equipment to do it. Not only will your mind be at ease, but also know for sure they will transport it without any troubles at all!


Pack liquids for moving the best way you can! By reading carefully our simple guide! This will provide you with ideas on how to do it without any issues! You will see, packing liquids is not that hard nor stressful! If you have any additional tips for us, let us now! Leave a comment in the comment section down below! We are happy to hear from you!

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